What Kind of Townie are You?

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Northfield is unique in many ways, and we have our Townies to thank for that. You could fly from coast to coast and you'll never find a place quite like Northfield, Minnesota. Whether it is the character of the buildings that lines the street, the friendly faces all over Bridge Square, or the unique family businesses that support the community, Northfield is one of a kind. 

Our town has a story to tell, and we hear those stories everyday from those who are born and bread Townies. So, we ask you this question: What kind of townie are you?

Are you...

  1. A Townie that has been born and raised in Northfield and still call this beautiful place your home?
  2. An out-of-Townie: someone that was born and raised in Northfield but moved to a different City?
  3. A Townie that was born here, moved away, and moved back?
  4. A Townie by association of knowing another true Townie?

No matter where you fall, we can't wait to see you there celebrating our city at Townie Night on September 6th! Comment below and let us know where you are on the Townie Spectrum!

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