Employee Spotlight: Maggie Krawczyk


1) How long have you been working at The Rare Pair?
I've been working at The Rare Pair for three months so far. This summer I have been doing an internship here and also have a part-time sales position that I will continue once my internship is over.  

Maggie K.

2) What are your current favorite brands at The Rare Pair?
I've been loving Free People, Mystree, and Kerisma for clothing and Birkenstock and Sorel for shoes. 

3) What’s the best part about your summer internship? What have you learned?
Interning at The Rare Pair this summer has given me a ton of insight into all of the different facets of retail. I have learned so much about everything that needs to take place before merchandise can even be put on the floor. I have loved coming with to buying meetings and attending clothing shows, and I also enjoyed having the opportunity to assist with the visual merchandising in the store. These experiences have allowed me to learn about all of the different opportunities and career paths there are within my area of study. It was also valuable to see concepts from my classes being applied in real situations. 

4) What do you plan to do after you graduate from St. Catherine University?
I'm still trying to figure out what I ultimately want to do and where I want to be, but my internship this summer helped me learn more about my strengths and preferences. I've always been interested in both buying and visual merchandising, and gaining experience in both these areas helped solidify the fact that either one could be a good fit for me in my future career.

Krin Finger