Juley Jenkinson: Window Designer/Visual Merchandiser


If you have ever walked down Division Street, you have likely noticed our changing window displays. Many people rotate through our visual team, but returning “head elf” for the past 10 years is Juley Jenkinson. She has an eye for design from which everyone in town benefits. She designs the drool-worthy outfits that people notice in our windows, and coordinates the design of the windows with the in-store displays.


How many window displays do you do per year?

We do about 4-5 big displays, or seasonal displays a year and a couple of transitional, smaller displays.

What’s your favorite window display that
you have worked on at the RP?

It is SO hard to choose. The holiday displays usually hold a special place in my heart. A couple that really stand out in my mind are the Magazine Window, when we created outfits out of magazine pages, and the year we displayed very large photos that our resident photographer, Lisa Mathre, took of staff members modeling winter outfits. It was so simple but made such a huge visual impact.

What’s the secret to your outfits? How do you make mannequins look so good?

Lots and lots of layers! Also, knowing what represents well on the mannequins. I’ve learned over the years that there are just some things that do not look good on a mannequin. Certain styles of clothing or particular fabrics do not always work well in the windows. Picking the right accessories and shoes can also really make the outfits pop.

Tell us a little bit about THIS window display.

The idea for this window evolved over time from our original tagline “Merry and Bright.” We typically start with an idea or tag line and work from there. The idea of brightly colored packages and presents seemed to fit that original idea well, but the deeper we got into it the more we decided that “Give a Gift” fit as the tagline for this year. We knew we wanted something fun and bright. We are intentional about having a very different look from year to year and since last year was more rustic with deeper and darker colors, we went in the opposite direction this year.


Krin Finger