Employee Spotlight: Chrissy Neuger

Chrissy Neuger

1) How long have you been working at The Rare Pair? And what is your job? 
I started working at the Rare Pair in October and am primarily responsible for receiving and processing clothing and shoes. I also work on the floor as needed.

2) What are your current favorite brands? I love Kut From The Kloth, Joules, and Birkenstock! I’m also a big fan of Free People and Mystree.

3) Why do you enjoy working at The Rare Pair? I’m not sure I could possibly sum up all the reasons into one concise answer! I graduated from St. Olaf with Beret Froehle and worked with her after college for years and reconnecting with her has been wonderful. I feel extremely lucky that the timing worked out the way it did because after getting to know all the amazing women who work here, I can see why turnover is so low! I feel genuinely happy to go to work and love working in such a fun, supportive, collaborative environment. Krin has created something really special at the Rare Pair and I feel fortunate to be a part of it.

4) You are not only fairly new to The Rare Pair, you are also fairly new to Northfield. Where did you live prior to Northfield? And is there a difference in weather? My family moved to Northfield from the Princeton, New Jersey area last August. It was a huge transition for everyone. We have three children who had to quickly adjust to new schools, new friends, a new environment. My husband and I are both Minnesotans but living away for 15 years made us appreciate everything we were missing back home. And the weather in New Jersey is not THAT different! Growing up, we always had to make sure our halloween costumes could accommodate a winter jacket. In NJ, we regularly took the kids trick or treating in short sleeves.  

5) What is it like being an Ole Grad that now resides in Northfield? I loved my time at St. Olaf and am a proud alum, but I definitely didn’t take advantage of everything Northfield has to offer when I was in college. It really is an idyllic place to call home and my husband I feel so lucky to have landed here. I love the pride everyone has in living here and the feeling of community. I love that it is so familiar from my time at Olaf, and yet I still have much to discover.

Krin Finger